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El Tule surfing


Located in the middle of the Cabo Tourist Corridor, just next to Chileno Bay, is the infamous El Tule surf spot. This powerful break is bi-directional, offering both left and right-hand waves that move at high speeds. Due to its strength, it is recommended only for advanced and expert surfers who are comfortable handling intense …

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Located on the Costa Azul shore, this right break forms off a rocky outcropping, creating a thrilling surfing experience. The ride can reach a bit over 100 yards, providing a decent challenge for experienced surfers while still being suitable for beginners. On light swells, the waves typically range from 3-4 feet, but during tropical storms …

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Along the route from San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas lies a popular right-breaking swell, suitable for both novice and experienced surfers. With a gentle slope and relatively consistent wave formation, it’s a great spot to practice and improve your surfing skills. The break is located at a beach known as Costa Azul, …



Shipwrecks is a must-visit surf spot in Los Cabos, and is located off the beaten path, so it’s best accessed by a 4-wheel drive vehicle. It’s one of the more famous breaks in the area, and the best part is that it’s usually uncrowded. The drive into this area is absolutely stunning, and the coastal …



Located just east of Cabo San Lucas, Monuments is a left point break that requires skill and experience. Only for seasoned or expert surfers, this spot can be a little tricky due to its challenging conditions. Look for the entrance near the Missiones del Cabo hotel in the Cabo corridor, marked by a statue or …



Zippers, an internationally renowned surf break, is located in close proximity to San Jose del Cabo. It is situated just west of the town and boasts a thrilling, high-speed right-hand wave that has played host to numerous surf competitions. However, due to its popularity, Zippers can be quite crowded at times, making it difficult to …

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